Posters Predict: Canelo vs Plant

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Canelo Alvarez seeks to makes history and unify the Super Middleweight division Saturday night against IBF Champion Caleb Plant. Does Plant have the style to overcome Canelo’s devastating counter-punching ability? Or will Canelo continue his dominant run? Our forum members weighed in.

A unification fight is always of interest, but this one I see being a fight very few can make a case for Plant winning.

I do see it going the distance, Plant showing heart but ultimately the superior ability shot selection and class leading Canelo to a wide UD win.

The first 6 rounds will be tight, mainly due to an overly negative Caleb Plant, and eventually Canelo will find success and begin to land clean shots. But Plant will have enough to go the distance.

Plant gives Canelo a lot of trouble early bar some body work for Canelo. Similar to Lara fight. Eventually Canelo lands something big upstairs and changes the tone of the fight as he walks plant down and gets a stoppage in the championship rounds.

Tom Cruise
Plant stays relatively safe behind his reach and footwork, but unable to land anything significant on a slippery Canelo. Canelo wins majority of rounds landing a few good hard shots, maybe hurts Plant at points which makes him even less keen on engaging.

Comfortable and clear Canelo victory.

Canelo breaks him, just like he did to Saunders and Smith.

Canelo via stoppage, somewhere between rounds 6 & 8.

Plant will hit and move while being methodically broken down by Alvarez, Plant runs out of gas after 4 or 5 whereby he is finally ground out and stopped by Alvarez between 6 and 9.

We caught a glimpse of Canelo’s superior ability when he slipped a sucker punch from Plant and countered with a one-two at the first press conference. That alone tells me enough about how this fight will play out. Canelo stops him.

Dave T
Canelo does everything that Plant does but way better. Plant might have a go early but, like all recent Canelo fights, as soon as they realise they can’t make a dent and as soon as they realise he’s punishing every weaker punch thrown… it’s only a matter of time.

Plant moves well and has an educated left hand; those two attributes and his edge in size will probably allow him to stay competitive for a while. However, he’s also shown a tendency to fade later in fights and can bust up a bit (as we saw in the press conference). Maybe he fight through adversity when Canelo inevitably turns up the heat, but I think he falls just short and drops a closer than expected UD in a rousing contest.

Canelo is comfortable starting off slowly and figuring out his plan. I think Plant takes advantage of that and gets off to a good start. But as the fight wears on the pressure from Canelo and the harder shots landed by Canelo lead to Plant slowing down and taking a beating. Ultimately the ref stops this one about round 10.

I like Plants hand speed and it will probably be evident early on, but ultimately I don’t think he has enough to keep Canelo off him and will therefore be knocked out midway.

Plant gets battered pilar to post from about round 5 onwards and loses a lopsided decision.


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