Posters Predict: Wilder-Parker & Joshua-Wallin

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Ahead of Saturday Night’s double-feature starring two of the Heavyweight Division’s superstars, we asked our forum members how they will stack up against their worthy opponents:


A confident Kronk style Parker backs Wilder up early on, mixing body and head well, the knowledge Lee has from the Fury camp looks to be the difference until Wilder lands his first clean right hand in the 4th and scores a devastating KO.

AJ looks poor and tentative against another southpaw until he sparks Wallin in the 10th.

Mitt Papi

Wilder KOs parker around 5/6 after having some problems with range and shows his inactivity

Joshua outboxes Wallin in a boring fight.


Parker has some early success landing a few shots but Wilder takes them comfortably, middle of the fight Wilder will land something devastating and that will be that.

AJ will comfortably outbox Wallin and fight cautiously but will ultimately finish the job when he finds the right opening.


Parker’s going to flatten Wilder early in a massive shock, and AJ knocks out an overrated Wallin comfortably in about 4-5 rounds.


Few feeling out rounds until AJ out of nowhere kicks into gear and stops Walling with a barrage on the ropes. Wallin stumbles over trying to beat the count and is waved off in the 5th.

With Wilder-Parker…I feel Parker will land first. Just depends if Wilder can take those shots or not.


Wilder will go all in from the off, Parker will hold him off for the first couple rounds but will ultimately get sparked out in six.

Wallin manages to bamboozle a confused AJ and manages to get a close points win after clipping him down in the 10th.


In the boxing ring,
Anthony Joshua’s might shines,
Victory assured.

Powerful Wilder,
His fists strike with thunderous force,
Parker falls, defeated.


  1. Wilder uses his reach to out jab Parker. Surprises a lot of people. Then later rounds lands a few right hands to hurt Parker, but not to stop him. Wilder points.
  2. Wallin out jabs AJ in a boring first few rounds Aj floors him midway through the fight but Wallin gets up and fights back. Close fight but only one winner, AJ. Obviously.

    Job done for Hearn. Sets up AJ/Wilder for August/September 2024


Parker drops Wilder 7 times and ends his career. Joshua wins a close decision.

Jim McDonald

Reckon Wilder will stop Parker fairly early, within 5 rounds.

AJ beats Wallin, late TKO 9-12.. possibly points but let’s say TKO.


Wilder in 7th after a tough fight. Joshua UD, looks shy again.

El Jefe

I have a feeling that Parker will upset the odds an stop Deontay Wilder. He will fight cautiously in the first couple of rounds but will counter Deontay in rounds 3 to 5 and will take him out.

Joshua will struggle for a few rounds but will eventually catch Wallin and bludgeon him to a stoppage victory within 8 rounds.


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