Posters Predict: Crawford vs Porter

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As the boxing world turns its attention to the highly anticipated match-up between P4P technician Terence Crawford and the always-willing Shawn Porter, let’s take a look at how our forum members envision the fight going:

One to Watch:

I think Bud is ultimately too fast and too sharp at mid range when exchanging and Porter suffers his first stoppage defeat after a bright and even start for the first 6.

Bob Weaver:

The fight will start messy and Porter will have success. Towards the mid rounds Crawford will start to figure him out, catch him coming in, and take over. Porter takes more risks and Crawford will catch him with one he didn’t see coming and get the tko in 10 or 11.


Porter tries to take centre of ring, push Crawford back and try to make it a fight where Crawford can’t get into a rhythm. Crawford starts picking off the swarming attacks of Porter and takes control after the opening 4/5 rounds and wins a clear points decision. Porter gamely sees the final bell but by sheer will after really being outclassed in the championship rounds.


The fight starts as a cagey messy fight as Porter swarms Crawford and Crawford looks to figure him out on the go. Porter lands an early KD as Crawford gets caught trying to figure out what stance works best. By the mid-rounds, it’s close and in the balance but Crawford pulls away from here scoring a late KD of his own and winning a close but clear points decision in an entertaining fight.


Porter to be his usual self and keep it competitive by sheer work rate, whilst not really picking up the rounds. Ultimately, it will finish with a wide UD for Crawford. It will be one of those where porter will not really be in it in terms of picking up the rounds and feel hard done by with the final decision.


I think Porter roughs him up and puts it on Crawford early and it will take about four rounds for Crawford to find his rhythm. From there Bud boxes his way to a decision. 116-112 type affair

Stone rose:

I’m going outside the box and with no great belief predict a Porter win by stoppage around the 8th. Nobody has really put it on Bud but he has looked uncomfortable at times and there’s nobody to make you uncomfortable like Porter can. If Porter comes in at his best, TKO 8th round.


Im going for Crawford on points, think they will be alot of close rounds but his superior technique will allow him to do the cleaner more eye catching work


Porter is terrific and was underrated for a long time. But Crawford is a Superior Talent and should win a competitive but clear-cut decision


Porter is as legitimate a contender as you’re going to get but Crawford is really something special and I would say is the best boxer at adapting in a fight and one of the best finishers in the game, Porter has been dropped/hurt late on before.

Expect an exciting, competitive start but Crawford to start taking over and dominating as the fight goes on. Crawford in the championship rounds


Porter fights like hell but Crawford is just a bit too much for him. Bud is faster, lands the eye catching counters, and wins an entertaining fight by a rather routine 116-112 type decision. A pitched battle all night ends in a show of genuine respect and sportsmanship.


Was on the fence between a Crawford points win or KO and I’ve settled on a points win. Porter has a great chin,very good work ethic and conditioning and it’s tough to stop boxers with the heart, chin and endurance of a Shawn Porter.

Bud via cleaner work, Porter will land plenty of shots but Crawfords punches will be the cleaner flashier ones.


Porter makes it a dogfight from the off, using his size and strength to stop bud getting clean shots off. Whilst he has more success as the rounds continue Porter is still landing more punches albeit not as damaging. Porter 115-113


I think the first couple of rounds are tricky for Crawford. He punches wide at times, so can see Porter maybe landing a couple of big shots and mailing him a little bit. But after 4 or 5 rounds I expect Crawford to have Porter worked out and will beat the shit out of him. Might not KO him but can see the towel coming in.


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