Posters Predict: Haney VS Lomachenko

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We asked our forum members to predict how this Saturday’s Undisputed Lightweight Championship clash will turn out. Here’s what they had to say:

Davie: “Loma is more skilled, but Haney is a very good boxer in his own right. With size and youth on his side and Loma probably on the slide, I struggle to pick against Haney.”

emallini: “Loma to look shot to bits and get dominated. Haney by KO.”

Chatty: “Tough one to predict, I can see it going a few ways. If Haney can get his respect and use his size, then I can see Loma doing a Lopez and being too hesitant to use his advantages, and losing a close decision. Big test for Haney though.”

Relentless: “Haney wins. Too big, strong, and young, with a massive wingspan. Loma won’t be able to get inside punching range.”

Bob Weaver: “Haney too big, too young, and too good for the short, ageing Loma. Haney manages to keep him at range long enough to win 7 or 8 rounds in a competitive fight.”

Windsor: “Haney too big, too youthful and too all round slick. A changing of the baton fight. Haney is the future. Lomachenko is fast becoming the past.”

Jonny: “Loma will have his moments but I strongly feel he’s lost just that little bit of quickness and the size factor could easily come into play. I think Haney is too big and textbook at this point. Haney UD, though I would love to see Loma do it.”

JaySmith: “A true 50/50. I got Haney purely on his size, youth and I think he’s gonna be too big for Loma on night. I’m guessing he’s close to 160lbs come fight night. Loma would be lucky to be over 140.”

Frillian Whyte: “A close technical fight in which both have their moments and win rounds. At the final bell both think they’ve done enough to secure the victory. Haney wins by split decision and Loma shakes his finger in disgust.”

Bensud: “A cagey first two rounds, then Loma gets under Haney’s jab and works the body mid rounds. Haney chases the fight and Loma’s quickness and in-and-out style sees it out on a close points decision.”

bballchump11: “This turns out being a faster paced Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Haney uses his feet, jab and threat of counter punching to keep Lomachenko at bay most of the fight and nullify his footwork/angles. Lomachenko will have some explosive moments where he counters Haney, and tries to follow up, but it’s not enough to secure the win. 8-4 Haney with scorecards all over the place.”

CrispenWahh: “Loma struggles for the first 6 rounds before coming on stronger in the latter half. Haney takes a questionable decision.”


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