Posters Predict: Fury vs Wilder 3

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Saturday Night sees these Heavyweights clash for the third time. After two fights that looked quite different stylistically, our forum members predict how they think these two will match up this time around:

Wilder has given us little reason to believe he can beat Fury based on the first two fights, where he was able to win a total of 3 rounds, so I can’t look past another Fury win. There is always a chance Wilder lands a big shot and ends it, but it’s rather unlikely at this stage in his career given the inactivity and the fact his opponent Saturday night has already beat him – not once, but twice.

Wilder will detonate a huge right hand early, Tyson will not beat the 10 count.

I can’t see how the narrative changes from the second fight. Wilder needs space and momentum to throw that right hand and Fury isn’t going to give him it. Aesthetically Fury looks like he will be heavier then he was for the second fight which doesn’t bode well for Wilder. I can see Wilder starting ‘game’ and with intent but it will slowly be beaten out of him. Fury by stoppage by 7 or 8.


Wilder cannot outbox Fury, he has one main weapon a big right hand that he will have to land early to cause an upset victory. I see Fury just landing quick combinations and catching Wilder coming in trying to go for broke,Fury inside the distance 6th round stoppage.

Jack Ledger
Deontay Wilder is 36 years old in a fortnight and we already know he doesn’t move as well as Fury so the second fight gave us a big preview of the third, when Wilder lands he won’t land flush and Fury’s chin held up before. We’ll see Fury play the bully once again, using his size and ring nous to wear Wilder down and take a stoppage win in 2nd half of the fight. Malik Scott will bottle pulling him and it will be up to the ref to stop the beating Fury puts on him, probably a round or two later than necessary. Fury TKO Rds 7-9.

I’ve never felt like Fury was gonna lose this one. Hard to see him give a bad performance. You think that he’d be on the up after that last press conference. Wilder never thought he’d lose the last fight. He’s gonna have to find a way not to let Fury into a rhythm. You think his only chance would be to get Fury down early. If he couldn’t beat Fury in the first fight then he probably never could. It’s gonna be entertaining for sure though. Fury might just run and move around the ring to feel Wilder out early to ensure he hasn’t got any new tricks and I expect he’ll desert that gameplan early once he realises Wilder hasn’t brought anything new.

Rarely does one suddenly learn how to box a completely different style at 35 in the latter stages of their career. The only thing Wilder has shown in two fights with Fury is he has the power to put Fury down and close to out. Fury should get this easy enough provided he doesn’t make a meal of it. I’ll go Fury UD in a one sided outboxing to put any excuses to bed.


Fury on points. I’m actually predicting quite a poor fight this time round. Fury to box conservatively, Wilder looking for that one big shot for 12 rounds but never really landing it. 9-3 type score cards.

Fury in the 9th. He’s too strong mentally, and unlike past Champions Lewis and Klitschko who added Diamond Polisher Emmanuel Steward to their careers to fix their flaws, Wilder has found Malik Scott, and I don’t think he’s up to the task.

Fury is a legitimate favorite. He’s larger and more skilled. I think he keeps Wilder on the back foot like he did in the second fight and ends it about the same time. Fury KO/TKO in 6.

While the degree to which Wilder can improve in one camp is limited, I do think it will be a better fight. That said, Fury is simply the better fighter with advantages in every area except for power, and would have to have suffered a big problem in camp to lose. Wilder’s power is always dangerous which makes for some excitement, but I see Fury successfully using a blend of strategies from the 1st and 2nd fights, staying one step of Wilder and winning a decision.


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