Off the Hook Reviews Queensbery’s York Hall Card

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Iain Dolan reports from ringside for OTH

David Adeleye chalked up another stoppage win at York Hall on Friday night when Emir Ahmatovic didn’t come out for the 6th round. Adeleye looked laboured at times, but when he threw the jab it was effective, and his uppercut could dent more formidable heavyweight opponents than Ahamatovic if he lands it. Ahmatovic was game and gave Adeleye a few things to think about, but there was only ever going to be one winner. It’s surely time to get Adeleye into the ring with one of the bigger domestic names – Fabio Wardley, Fraser Clarke et al. I sat next to David’s sister Emma and she, mistaking me for a proper journalist, remained tight lipped and would not be drawn on possible future opponent.

Mark Chamberlain demolished Marvin Demollari in under a round at lightweight. Chamberlain was faster and stronger and Demollari had no answer. One Chamberlain barrage left Demollari out on his feet and the referee inexplicably allowed the flight to go on, giving Chamberlain a few more free shots before the towel came in from Demollari’s corner.

Nottingham’s Ezra Taylor banked 8 useful rounds on his way to a 79-73 points win over major handful Khalid Graidia at light heavyweight. Looking in excellent condition, Taylor controlled the action, didn’t get caught by Graidia’s wild swings, and got the job done. Taylor maybe lacks a bit of power for the top level, but I’d certainly like to see him in with the other big names in the UK as he would surely be competitive.

Southampton prospect Royston Barney-Smith was also extended for the full six rounds at Super Featherweight by Christian Lopez Florez. Barney-Smith is slick and throws nice combinations, but should probably be putting this sort of opponent away if he wants to be come the star than many think he will be.

Light middleweight Carl Fail stopped Frank Madsen in 3 rounds and will want to be higher up the card next time out. I suggested to Queensberry’s Dev Sahni that they should be promoting him as Carl “Epic” Fail and he reacted with about as much enthusiasm as the time I suggested Ezequiel Maderna be nicknamed “The Vaccine”. I realize that this could bite him in the behind if he ever gets chinned, but he’s going to get that with the surname anyway. Might as well control the narrative and lean into it.

Henry Turner also got an early night when Tom Farrell returned on his stool at the end of 6 rounds at light welterweight.

Friday night at York Hall would not be complete without a pub visit, so I popped into the Salmon and Ball by Bethnal Green station to see if it had succumbed to the gentrification that’s swallowing up much of the area, and am delighted to announce that it hasn’t. No craft beer, no cask ale, 80s music on the stereo (I hope on cassette but couldn’t be sure) and cash only – no card payments! Proper pub, use it or lose it.


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