Posters Predict: Kambosos Jr. vs Haney

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Lightweight is one of boxing’s hottest divisions at the moment, and continues to deliver with this Saturday night’s promise of unification Unified champion George Kambosos Jr. is riding a career-high wave of momentum coming off of his upset win over Teofimo Lopez. By contrast, his opponent Devin Haney has long been touted as one of the sport’s most promising young fighters. Questions from boxing fans linger for both fighters, who are thus far undefeated and have yet to solidify their dominance. Will Kambosos’ volume and determination overwhelm the young technician? Or will Haney’s skills be enough to tame the champion in his own back yard?

Let’s here what our forum members have to say:

Jeff J

This is as 50/50 of a fight as I can remember. I’m rooting for Haney here but think Kambosos edges a close decision, one that many will disagree with. He’s the hometown guy and he carries more pop so the shots he lands will wow the judges even if they aren’t as plentiful as the ones Haney lands.

Rob 1983

Haney wins 10-2, but most rounds relatively close and the wide scorecard does not necessarily reflect the fight.


Haney is more talented, sharper, the better boxer. Kambosos has good timing, is willing to trade a hard 12 rounds. I think Haney takes the early rounds clean, Kambosos rallies back in the mid-rounds could hurt Haney. They both challenge for the late rounds to earn a close decision. Haney by decision.


Haney doesn’t have enough power to keep Kambosos off him as Kambosos steadily pummels him to a stoppage late in the fight. Haney couldn’t even hurt Linares who’s been chinned time and time again. Can’t see him hurting a guy who took Lopez’s shots.


I’ve really been struggling for a prediction: one part of me says Devin will stick to what he is good at (the basics) and just get the job done. He isn’t likely to get as emotionally involved as Lopez did. Another part says GK showed great movement and timing last time out and if he catches Haney in a similar fashion to how Diaz did, it could be an issue for Haney. The latter coupled with hometown judging is making me lean towards GK or possibly even a draw but I will say George Kambosos Jr.


Kambosos’ work rate and home-town advantage take a decision.


I think Kambosos will be playing catch-up after 6 rounds, he needs a knockdown to keep the pressure on the judges. In which case a draw or close split decision might get him over the line. Coin flip. Going to pick the Aussie.


Hard to tell. Kambosos looks like he has more grit and mental fortitude, but Haney the more naturally talented. I think haney might win it via an ugly decision.

Bob Weaver

Haney tries to keep it long and simple, and is mostly successful. Kambosos starts and finishes with high intensity, gets in range, wins some rounds, and puts some real pressure on Haney. However, Devin doesn’t leave as many openings as Lopez or get as emotional, and does enough for an 8-4 /7-5 style win. But does he get it…?


I think this is a banana skin fight for Kambosos. Haney is classy and can land from a long way out. Kambosos needs to get inside early and put some hurt on Haney or he will find himself behind on the cards and headed for an L. Hope l am wrong but l have a bad feeling about this one.

One to Watch

I think Haney wins. When he gets into a rhythm he is a busy and varied puncher (I think he digs harder than credited with every shot). I’m not even sure how good Kambosos is yet, no disrespect intended. He can box and has heart, but if he is chasing this fight looking for a KO as I suspect will be the case, then he could get busted up down the stretch. I think it ends up as Haney’s coming out party.


Haney to look pedestrian but still good enough to win most rounds where not much happens.


It’s going to be close I imagine. If either fighter dominates I’d be surprised. Haney close decision is my guess.


It will be a close one, but despite previously thinking this is Kambosos’ fight, upon closely analysing the pair of them these past few days, I think Haney can and will outbox him. How will he be treated in Australia though? 


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