Posters Predict: Ryan Garcia VS Tank Davis

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As Saturday’s superstar lightweight clash grows ever closer, we ask our forum posters for their fight predictions:


I’ve always doubted whether Garcia has the dog in him to withstand Tank and genuinely felt Tank KO’s him. Admittedly though I’m starting to doubt myself. Garcia is a talented fighter, perhaps more so than Tank and Garcia’s got pop in his punches too. And Tank has an economical style where he’s trying to make what he lands count as opposed to winning through output or dominating rounds, it makes it easier for his opponents to win rounds and a time will come where Tank doesn’t KO his opponent and will drop a decision (if the scoring is fair). This could be that fight. Garcia on points.


Garcia takes an early lead in a close, cagey, tense first quarter. After which, Tank’s superior footwork & timing start to tell, leading to a KO between rounds 8-10.


Garcia knocks Tank out in the first five rounds. I’m gonna go completely against the grain here, and I do think Tank is the better fighter, but he does get hit and Garcia can bang. Tank does seem to have decent chops, so good chance he can’t hurt him but I’m gonna take a punt on it.


With Garcia’s handspeed can see him peppering Tank in the early rounds and building up a lead on the scorecards. Tank will find his rhythm though and by the mid point it’ll be one way traffic. Garcia will succumb rounds 9 – 12. Probably be a heavy stoppage.


Davis aggressively beats him up and gets the stoppage somewhere between 3-6. Maybe a quit.


I think eventually Garcia makes a mistake and leaves his chin exposed, and Tank gets the finish. Somewhere between 8-10 rounds.


I can see this starting out slow as Tank is a pure counter puncher and Garcia uses feints to set up his counters. But by using the jab, Garcia takes most of the early rounds on the score cards. The real fight starts in the second half as Tank finds his openings and lands hard shots. I can see Tank scoring a knockdown to really tighten the score and a very controversial decision win for Davis.


Davis is as thick as pig shit out the ring, but he does seem to have a decent ability to find a weakness in his opponent and pick up on habits and pick the right punch to finish a fight or turn the tide. Garcia is busier, so I imagine he might win the first half of the fight through an active jab alone, but I can’t confidently say that he’ll be able to be defensively responsible for the full 12.

Another thing with Tank is that his defense is pretty solid for someone who has a height and reach disadvantage in almost every fight. I don’t think Garcia is going to be able to land too much of his heavy artillery.

Bob Weaver

Garcia is gifted and rangey and I expect him to start well. He is not polished or experienced enough however to maintain this without clear mistakes. Tank is a heavy handed counter puncher with patience and killer instinct. He catches Garcia, and when he does, he finishes him.


Smart money is on Tank. Has beaten a higher caliber of opponents over the years and has knocked out most of them at that. Garcia only really has Campbell on his CV and he had to get up from a heavy knockdown to beat him. Garcia is very much a live dog in this too though. He’s very fast and has no shortage of power either. Taller man too. Whether he’ll take advantage of that is another thing.

Overall my prediction is Tank inside 8. Both will get hurt at some point but I can’t see Garcia not walking onto a massive shot.


Garcia will box well for as long as it lasts, but Tank will eventually hurt him and stop him.

Credit to both men for taking the fight. It’s great for boxing.


I think Garcia will look good early on, but once Davis finds a way to punch with Garcia, he starts catching him with big shots that he can’t take for long. Garcia has been pretty inactive so can’t see him keeping Davis off him all night and once Tank can start timing Garcia and punching at the same time Garcia is punching… Davis rounds 7-10


Garcia will look to have a speed advantage early and make good use of it, moving a lot and marking Tank up with jabs and short combos. Both guys will go to the body early and the pace will slow down by the 6th round with Garcia slightly ahead.

Tank will then start to come on hard, punishing Ryan to head and body and eventually dropping him for the count in the last 4 rounds. The KO will look just like the shot Campbell dropped him with too


Tank will start slow, Garcia will have some success. It will be level around 4/5. Tank will find something that starts landing, that’s where I think we see what Ryan’s about, if Ryan adjusts – we may see him steal a win, if not then we will tank dog walk him. I see rounds 4-7 as where we are going to find out about both kids.

My prediction is that tank is really that guy.


Going all in on Tank Davis. I reckon he’ll steamroll Garcia, who doesn’t see the start of the 7th round.


A quiet opening with both respecting the other’s power. Garcia, fairly comfortable with southpaws, having stopped Fortuna & Campbell recently, to find his distance first and present Davis with some early challenges. Davis to bide his time until opportunity presents and then strike the telling blows that end it. Davis KO7.


Garcia should use his range and footwork and keep Tank at a distance. I think he’ll win the early rounds doing that. However, Tank will land the occasional albeit damaging body shots that will start to pay off in the last 3rd of the fight as Garcia slows right down. I think Garcia hangs on to go the distance but Tank wins by UD.

El Jefe

I am going with Garcia a close points decision in a tense and dramatic fight. I give credit to both guys for stepping up to the challenge.


It’ll be similar to the Barrios fight: Tank losing many rounds being inactive on the outside and Ryan winning off of volume. Then Tank hurts him in the middle rounds and finishes him late.


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