Posters Predict: Shields vs Marshall

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Women’s boxing continues to gain momentum with this weekend’s unification clash between undefeated Middleweight champions Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall. Although Marshall is considered the favorite due to her advantages in height, power, and home turf, Shields’ skill and athleticism make her a live underdog. The typical rituals of pre-fight hype have been colored with the history shared between the two, as Marshall handed Shields her only loss as an amateur in 2012. Neither fighter has shown signs of intimidation; Shields has exuded brash confidence and Marshall a quiet intensity. Which fighter will come out on top in this landmark bout? Let’s ask our forum posters:


I think Shields should be favourite and the most likely outcome is she takes it on points. I don’t see Marshall’s power being the decider many do but rather her height and reach and how well she uses both to keep Shields on the outside and slow the pace. Marshall is a nice boxer but not enough to fend off Shields for the 12 and ultimately I see Shields getting to her and taking a reasonably comfortable points win. 117-112.

Bob Weaver

I expect shields to come out sharp and take a lead. Marshall will be a bit nervous but will box her way into the fight. Marshall can hurt shields but won’t stop her. Home advantage helps the judges favour Savannah’s heavier shots in a close decision.


Shields UD. Marshall is far too easy to hit and doesn’t utilise her size as well as she could, and often paws with the jab. She also has previously let nerves get the better of her, so on the biggest stage of her life and after being peppered with shots in the first 2 rounds, I could see her going into her shell and just being negative. But I do think she can hurt Shields.


Im leaning towards Marshall winning,I think she is the best female boxer but unsure whether she is the best female fighter. I like Savannahs shape and her range which I dont see that often in the females. I think she can outbox Shields and take a decision victory but I dont think she will stop her.


Shields UD. Marshall hits hard but I don’t think she’s going to land enough for it to actually matter.


Marshall is the taller rangier fighter under the tutelage of a trainer whose favoured tactic is to step off and have the opponent do the work to get into offence, creating lots of openings for Marshall to pick Shields off when she tries to get into distance. Shields is good at bobbing & weaving when she’s stood still but I’ve not seen her doing that whilst coming forwards, but even if she could do that, she’s not exactly carrying Tyson/Tank power to make it count. She relies on volume but she’s openly admitted she’s put on a lot of muscle for this fight. A volume fighter packing on muscle up against a rangier naturally stronger opponent? Not exactly a historical recipe for success.

Tactically this should play out like Canelo v Bivol only when Shields begins to tire Marshall will start sitting down on her shots and end it with a savage KO.


Marshall starts out well using her jab, reach to keep Shields at bay. Lands a few decent power punches, but not a lot. Its mainly the jab.
Second half of the fight Shields starts to get to her, lands good combinations. Turns into a bit of a grapple in the last 2 or 3 rounds. Commentators debate who has actually won the fight, its so close. Marshall gets the verdict.


Savannah wins a split decision in a close fight. Do not underestimate how focused and tough she is. Hardest puncher in the game, when it lands it hurts.


I’m not too sure tbh. Neither have had too many tests as the women’s division at this weight is shallow as out being there’s barely any fighters.

I’m probably biased by plumping for Marshall, think if she uses her height and reach advantages properly she should be able to keep Shields on the end of a jab and do enough to win a verdict. Wouldn’t surprise me if it went the other way though as Savannah has froze on the big stage before and Shields seems like she has more confidence in herself.


Shields, due to a combo of a lack of exposure and generally being perceived as a deplorable character to British fans, is seen as a sitting duck on these shores. But her boxing ability should not be underestimated, and after a feeling-out process where Marshall will try and likely fail to find range, Shields will control the distance and pace with alomb. British judges may decide otherwise.


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