Shawn Porter vs Danny Garcia: Violent Subtleties

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When hardcore boxing fans discuss true technicians and the finer points of the sport, aggressive swarmers like Shawn Porter are rarely the type to come to mind. As with every sport, however, there’s often more than meets the eye when it comes to the strategies and tactics of the seemingly unrefined.

Although a relentless pace and rough-house style are certainly important elements of Porter’s success, his performance in his triumph in annexing the WBC Welterweight Championship from Danny Garcia this past September showed us that the Ohio native was capable of much more. Employing a jab, ambush tactics, and even counter-punching, Porter not only outfought Garcia, but essentially out-boxed and out-thought him.

Check below for an exclusive first-look at a video from YouTuber Eduardo SP which analyses the fight, and specifically Shawn and father Kenny Porter’s method behind the madness.

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